Hey, this website's a work in progress, so please ignore the dead links or janky graphics, cheers!

Rían Errity

Software Developer

Hi there, I'm a CSLF Student in Trinity College, Dublin. I'm also a Software Developer working primarily in Java and Dart

I'm currently involved in various projects, both online and offline. I am the lead developer of several projects, such as a mobile app for phonetics students to learn the International Phonetic Alphabet coming in mid-2021.

You can check out the vast majority of work via my GitHub profile, which hosts some of my favorite projects, including a series of Java tutorials for first-year computer science students in my university viewable here.

I'm also known to write a lot of server-sided modifications for the game Minecraft, which you can find on my spigot profile here.

I'm not currently open to new oppertunities, but you can still say hello by shooting me an email or by using the contact form.

My Tool Kit

Frameworks and Languages

  • Java.
    • Spring
    • Android SDK
    • Processing
  • Dart / Flutter
  • Jenkins / Github Actions
  • Maven / Gradle
  • PWA / Web Development
  • Systems Administration
  • Linux.