I didn’t think this needed to be said; however, clearly, it does. There’s a group of students in TCD attempting to found a student society revolving around the promotion and use of cryptocurrencies. This society isn’t interested in the technology behind it. That would be covered by the likes of DUCSS, anyway. They’re purely interested in the speculative/economic aspect of cryptocurrencies and NFTs (which I would consider as SMF’s territory).

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I have loved the voxel-based video game for well over 10 years, it is one of the very few popular video games which could run on Linux at that time, this was before Proton was even a thought. This lead me down a long garden path as I grew up and realised I was really into computers, how they work and how I can convince them to do my bidding through code.

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Rían Errity

CSLF Student in TCD. Programming Tutor for Olus Education

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