FriendlyBot is currently in an invite-only beta. Please contact me for more information.

FriendlyBot is a moderation discord bot with various administrative, utility and fun commands. It is backed by a MongoDB Database  (i hear it's webscale guys)

The bot was originally developed for The Computer Science Friendly Corner, a discord for first year computer science students, but has since expanded to anyone who would like to use it, you can check the feature list below or play around with the web tools.


  • Custom Color Roles
  • Tag System for user-defined responses.
  • Anti-raid email verification
  • Server and User Information Commands
  • Weather Information
  • Wolfram Alpha Integration
  • Meme generation commands
  • Cat/Dog/Monekey Picture Commands
  • 8Ball/Coin flip Commands
  • XKCD Search Command

Coming Soon

  • Online personal information viewer
  • Online server/bot configurator
  • Java Compiler command
  • Regex-based Tag System
  • Reaction tags
  • Better Audit Logging
  • Online audit log viewer
  • View server emojis in ;serverinfo
  • Modmail web submission form
  • Modmail private message ticketing
  • Muting system
  • Automatic onboarding for new guilds

Bot Stats  (updated hourly)

Online Tools

Various online tools for FriendlyBot.

N.B: These are work-in-progress.

Tag Viewer

If you don't know your guild's ID you can use the ;tags command to generate a link to the tag viewer page.

More coming soon...

These web tools take a lot of time to create, so be sure to keep an eye on the github for progress.

Invite the discord bot.

N.B: This bot is in a private beta.

If you would like to have FriendlyBot watch over your server, please use the contact form here