⚠️ This list is work in progress, and part of a blog series being written introducing people to studying computer science in Uni

Links and resources for students within the School of Computer Science and Statistics in TCD, not to be confused with SASS, the CSS pre-processor. Name purposefully confusing.

If you wish to contribute to this list, please submit an issue @ ParadauxIO/awesome-scss

† denotes a paid resource.


  • Map :: An unofficial and interacitve map of the Trinity College, Dublin campus
  • Jargon Buster :: An introduction to the fancy words and terminology used in Trinity
  • Linkedin Learning (lynda.com) :: Logging in with your TCD network user/pass will grant you free access to linkedin learning, formally known as lynda.com which has a wealth of (pretty meh quality) courses on various subjects.
  • TCDPrint :: Top up and manage your print account
  • Tcard :: Top up and manage your t-card
  • Reset Password :: Reset your network password, which changes blackboard, wifi access, my.tcd etc

“Ethical” Access to research papers, textbooks and more

These are definitely websites to avoid, you wouldn’t want to be commiting piracy or anything, so whatever you do don’t go here.

  • libgen :: Mostly ebooks/pdfs of textbooks
  • scihub :: PDFs of research papers, provided the DOI

School Resources

Student Supports and Services

What you’re not taught in school

Exam preparation and resources


  • Todoist :: Track what you still need to do!
  • Clockify :: Log how you spend your time so you can be more effective

Module Resources

Year 1

Introduction to Programming

Self-paced java courses not taught poorly


Resources / Tutorial Sites

Introduction to Computing

Mathematics I

Year 2

Discrete Mathematics

Algorithms & Data Structures

Intermediate Programming

List of lists